Thursday, April 4, 2013

Integrity - Did You Eat Sprinkles?

What a hoot. We've all been there before. When mom caught me red handed, deny, deny, deny. Sin is sometimes funny and sometimes sad. Adults sometimes know to do the right thing, but we don't. It's cute when the little ones get caught. It's embarrassing when adults get caught.

It all boils down to integrity. What is integrity? It means to hold to the truth of what you believe and follow through. Especially when telling the truth my not seem to work out well for you at the time.

Our little friend in the video did not uphold his integrity. He lied to his mom. Even when confronted with sprinkles on his face, sprinkles all over the counter, and sprinkles surround a half-empty sprinkle jar.

Confirmands, I want to help you maintain your integrity with what Jesus gave you in your baptism. He gives you the strength to trust, 

  • the gifts of forgiveness;
  • that you are saints because Jesus gives you His holiness;
  • the confidence He gives you in Word and Baptism to keep the integrity of being a Christian;
  • the gift to repent, to say that you are wrong and have sinned; and God forgives you;
  • to get on with life, learn how to do better under His forgiving umbrella of Grace with a "fresh start" each day.

Integrity to live the baptized life is the integrity of being Lutheran. 

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